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 The Evolution Of Automation Innovation In Technology As It Affects Businesses Part 1.

 The Evolution Of Automation Innovation In Technology As It Affects Businesses Part 1.

Good day all, thanks for those congratulatory massages. I want to go straight to the business tips many of us only read things once, From the seed drill to the personal computer, tech has transformed the world of work and employment.

Despite this disruptive innovation, Governments and others institutions are paying little or no attention on emerging technology. Just recently I was in a heavy argument with One Mr Gabriel. it was just on people possessing certificates,  most are fake and people pursuing skills, Some vocational handwork. it is only in Nigeria you see a graduate of Computer science who can’t define a computer or the meaning of WWW. there is nothing wrong with having a certificate but everything wrong not having any skill after spending years in a course that gives one the certificate.

This is the reason few are employed now in the world especially in Africa than ever, with unemployment levels at the lowest now in the past when you go for interviews for visas, the embassy may collect your supporting documents and archive them. But it has become a thing of the past,the remote invention of some applications like Facebook and Enterprise Documents Management software (EDMs) help them to get this Information’s electronically.

Should we be concerned about the rise of the machine in some ways, yes as we can’t be completely sure how things will play out. What is different about the Fourth Industrial Revolutions is that we are automating brain power not just muscle power. Automation doesn’t acknowledge the color of your collar and the degrees you hold. There is no reason why machines won’t be better and cheaper than humans at giving legal, medical and investment advice. They are certainly going to be safer drivers. It is reasonable to expect a lot of change, Please I’m not talking of Political change they promised during 2015 campaigns. at an incredible pace, So how should we prepare? First,we need to keep calm. There have been many reports in recent years highlighting the professions at risk of automation.

These have been timely in helping people and politicians to understand the significant changes ahead and should be used to stimulate some deep thinking, the best way to shape change is to embrace it. Being at the forefront of innovation gives us the opportunity to influence it.

research done by CVHub Team in machine learning and artificial intelligence gives us an opportunity to understand the direction of innovation and to steer it towards opportunities and good outcomes.We should be optimistic that automation has historically been about augmentation. Many people are using tech to be more productive and to change work to augment humans not to replace them. Some tasks will be replaced by machines surely, but not overnight and by using tech to be more productive we free up resources to create new opportunities. We should think about the skills that young people will need to thrive in the world that we are creating. Despite a culture of almost constant change,our overall approach to education hasn’t changed that much from the model especially in Nigeria. Research indicates that,while tasks are being automated, the essentially human parts of work are becoming more important. Soft skills, such as empathy, communication and strategic decision-making, will become more valuable than ever.

Empathy,communication and creativity will be the factors that distinguish us from our machine colleagues in the future. Just yesterday while chatting with Joseph Etim HUb manager @cvhub and Moss Uromtah whom both studied in  India for years, I got some hints and I went home nodding my head another topic for business tips, they told me Indians received modern education in the incorrect order (theory first) and hardly got any time for practical knowledge.

Going back to mid-nineteenth century when the British masters decided to bring modern/European education to India. What had evolved naturally in Europe over the last 500 years (practical first) through observation, trial, debate, practice, sharing, stealing, competition, social upheaval, challenging authority,was offloaded to minority Indians who were to become cogs in the giant wheel of British Raj, but the thinking government at that time introduced  SKILL INDIA PROGRAMS this opened the whole turnaround on ICT and Medical revolution. Not the type we have here that keeps blaming the past governments.

Why Businesses Should Be Digitized

To take advantage of AI companies, organisations and public services need to be digitized in the first place. They need the basic digital foundations in place to ensure they have good quality data about how their business or service operates. Organisations that are already digitized are likely to be quicker to apply AI whilst those that are not may get left behind as productivity lags.

Getting all businesses started on the digital journey really matters. artificial Intelligence(AI) certainly transforming but with any significant transformation deep, complex social questions must be answered.

The most challenging question when considering AI is: what will all this automation do to jobs? There is much to learn from history, We know that big technological innovations can lead to disruption. Significant research has already identified the job types most vulnerable to innovation and their geographic concentrations, which gives us the ability to plan. The biggest mistake would be to stand transfixed in the headlights waiting for the impact to hit.

Many don’t even know that all E-commerce site are build on AI. Now is the time to prepare and act. Automate your businesses but using latest applications from CVHub.

We’re currently offering 30% discounts on websites designs from Nov – Dec 2018 and also giving our newly developed SLpos and training on how to use it for free.

End of Part 1
My Parting Word: If You Stay In The Comfort Zone, You Will Never Obtain The Greatness of The Future God Designed For You. You cannot have a Miracle until you know you need one. You cannot have a Miracle until you know what you do not have. You have to know what is missing. That is the first step toward humility, and humility decides what you attract and what is comfortable with you.The moment you say, There is something I do not have, I do not know, that is when the Miracle begins The Anointing You Respect Is The Anointing You Attract
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Austin C. Agbakor
Email: austin@mediacentreng.com

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