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How To Reach The Finishing Line In Business Part 1

How To Reach The Finishing Line In Business Part 1

This is A special business secret that helps all businesses to embrace us to the finish line. but I will start by giving the simple definition. A line marking the end of a race its known as the finishing Line Even in the boxing ring, the finishing line is the Last round, For Professional boxers, That’s 12th Round. You can see each ti you watch a boxing match even the boxer that received knockdowns, Jump to the ring and celebrates even knowing full well he loess. I made a research and find out that their joy was just they’re able to finish the 12th Rounds. So, let’s come back to business. Many cross the finishing Line within a stipulated time, depending on the type of Race but no matter how many other runners cross it ahead of you and believe me When you cross the finish line, your life will change forever.

One of my previous business tips, I mentioned, how an injury’s prevented me from participating in one of my school inter-house sports back then. I attended Ubulu-Okiti Secondary School. I play Football games for the school team and I also participated in athletics for my school. I remember how the PE Physical Education teachers normally prepare us, One of the routine training pattern is closing our eyes with black strap clothes while we are running on the tracks, They keep teaching us the importance of Staying in your track to prevent you from being disqualified. I think also every businessman should borrow from such a simple strategy, To focus on your business goals.

What’s Your Business Goals?

Goal alignment is critical for business success, As a C.E.O of your business, You have a duty to Sell Your Company’s Goals On a daily basis. Especially for the people working in your Company. You Must make them understand the VISION and GOALS,This will enhance and encourage them and also ensures that each person within your organization can see the direction for the business and know how their job fits in with the Big Picture To achieve goal alignment in your organization,you must first clearly communicate your strategic business objectives across the entire company. By allowing managers to access and view the goals of other departments, your organization can greatly reduce redundancy while finding better ways to support each other. With everyone working together toward the same objectives.

You’ve To Keep Re-evaluating

Business goals and objectives should be closely aligned with your business plan. When you update your objectives, you should ensure that this is reflected in your business plan too and that it remains your GO TO business document either every day, every week, every month, or constantly. In order to make your objectives and business plan practical and achievable, you should also be setting employee targets and embarking upon management performance techniques designed to improve every department and ensure all employees are working diligently towards their individual goals. Some do not pay much attention to our employees, The process of setting goals should be a collaborative process between an employee and his or her manager. Whether writing long- or short-term goals.

End Of Part 1.

My Final Parting Word:
Take A Tiny Step Toward Your Lifetime Goal Today. Champions are those who are willing to move forward an inch at a time. Stay in the movement today. Break down your goal into many small steps. Progress creates joy. Two things are more important than your money. Your energy and your time. Identify time-wasters, those who diminish your energy…and limit their access to you. Small steps matter. Zechariah 4:10.

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